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Pepper , glad to see your pain is getting better..Oh the leg /hip pain !
You had this before the surgery right ? You may have permanent nerve damage like me..

I still think something is putting pressure on my nerves because I'm ok first thing in the morning and as soon as I stand or sit up it starts hurting. I'll never know because doctor's don't like old fusion patients ,I got this from a neuro's secretary , " Oh so a orthopedic surgeon did your fusion ?" I said yep , and then she said. " Well the Dr. don't see patients who had a fusion from a OSS because they use different types of hardware ??? I begged and begged just for an opinion she said "I'm very sorry.

Them nerves must be to much for them Dr.s to figure out. We got 12" of snow Friday night..my ATV is in the shop for repairs , I had to dig out the snowthrower I havent used for 2 years..It killed me trying to pull the cord to start it but I did..I was on the hot waterbottle the rest of the day and night..My doctor upped my Lyrica to 75mg 3 times a day and it put's me out.

Sorry I got off topic with this Pepper I do that alot.. Glad your feeling better.:wave: