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Yes my worse pain was always when I lay down which is not the norm for back problems. It got so bad that I would try to sleep sitting up in my recliner. One of the symptoms that a tumour presents is pain when lying down. It is a red flag that doctors have to check out. I take that you have been diagnosed and there is nothing more than Disc problems.

I tried everything possible to lay down at night, the pillow, the heat ect ect but everytime I lay on my side burning nerve pain would start shooting down my shin. In fact sometimes I would forget when I was watching TV and would stretch out on the sofa. Well I didn't forget too long as the burning pain would begin. Going to bed became a nightmare and sleep non existent. Gabapentin (Neurontin) taken at bedtime finally gave me some relief and now I am on Lyrica which really has helped immensely. Have you tried either of those drugs?