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Welcome duffy,
Hey I know how you feel and I'm sorry you have to deal with it to..Please be careful with those Med's I was taking 15mg Oxycodones and 30mg Morphine for a little over a year, plus I take 75 mg Lyrica 3 times a day. It scared me one day because I ran out of my oxycodone because I threw out my Morhine. I wanted to stop it all..It was horrible , I have become addicted to my meds.. I felt sick taking them all the time As we speak I'm only taking 15mg Morphine for my pain..My pain is horrible now..I'm wondering if I made the right choice..To have horrible pain or take the drug's ? Yesterday was terrible I called my Dr.and ask for somthing for my pain and they never called back..

I'd say do the surgery , you can't live on them drug's all your life..ask your Dr. to ween you off your meds..I did and they understand..