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I thought the same thing, my spine doc never considered it that new PM that I'm not going to again thought it up, well my spine doc said that if I respond to the injections properly they can consider the nerve burning and that might releive much of the nerve pain I have (which is the biggest pain I have). I trust my spine dr. 900%, he woudl never suggest something that he knows won't help me. He even refuses to go back in again unless something is loose or broken. He told me anyone that would suggest going back in doesn't have my best interest at heart. I'm seeing a new PM on the 29th, my spine doc reffered me to him, I'll find out when the injections will be then. They want to do the injections to help me get started on PT and to see where all the pain is coming from but manily to open the door for the burning stuff.

Shawley at this point I have to try something, the lyrica isn't really helping anymore than the neurontin did, actually i'm more clear headed now but in more pain so I think I like the neurontin at this point. I'm starting on Cymbalta in the next few days, they say it helps the pain too and maybe I will sleep too, that would be wonderful to sleep again. I miss Lincoln and the ground hog, rofl.

I know it sounds like they are just raking in the bucks but you know Shawley how desperate we become to try to be normal again, I hope I'm just not grabbing on to hopes that won't come true but I have to try Shawley.

I woudl be buying that lotto ticket if I were you, I'm not kidding either. Buy one for me too, hehe. I'm so happy your time has come, I pray so hard all the time that you find help, your such a sweet man, not many in this world ya know, you deserve it so much. Please let us know how it all goes.

I have missed your posts, I was wondering yesterday where you were. I'm so glad to see your rolling right along.

God Bless