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Thanks crookedback and usta. To answer your question usta, I weigh 260 and am only 5'5, he wants me to lose 60 lbs before he even consider surgery as an option. But he is totally against me having this surgery due to my age. My question is if I am having these problems will thay heal on there on or will it get worse over time. He did mention that neuro wise i am ok, even though I am having the nerve pain anf numbness in my foot. He said my neuro exam was ok today. I mentioned to him that I I had urine dribble uncontrollably3 times since sunday, he said there was no evidence of that on the mri, but it was from dec. They did a ct while I was in the hospital but he said those dont show much. He said he will order another mri, I hope soon because I know I am not stupid. I just wonder what do I do now besides loose the weight, just stay in pain and pop pills and how will I transition back to work on all of these strong meds. They changed my meds to oxycocodone 5mg and valium for muscle spasms and to cont the lyrica 75mg at bedtime. They started tose while i was in the hospital. I pray they work esp. since I have to be more active. As for the weight lose I need to find something quick but safe. So usta your program is from your doctor? Just curious. Thanks

Yes it is md supervised. You really need to get your back md to change your meds. The pain medicine will not stop or even hinder the nerve pain. See if he can up your Lyrica and maybe add Cymbalta... Let me know what happens, give them a call tomorrow...As far as loosing weight making a back better, it is possible, but I know plenty of people who are thin and still hav back problems. So it sounds like trial and error for you and for that, I am sorry. ttultr. Lynn
[COLOR="Navy"]Rachel, losing weight will definity help your back. Think of it has carrying exta baggage on an already injured spine. My dr. told me that losing weight is the first line of defense if someone is over weight.

I lost 35 lbs. before my sons wedding and I couldn't believe the difference it made on my back pain. It was such a relief. Then when I had the surgery I lost another 30 lbs. i have put about 20 of it back on becuase of the Lyrica, but am changing off of that next week.

do try the weight lost first. I think you will be please with how much better your back will feel.