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Hey lynn. I am now taking lyrica 75mg at bedtime, I was on neurontin but it did not touch my pain. My worker comp doc is the one in control of me going back to work and she is not rushng me. I guess i feel since i am not getting surgery i might as well try to transition back to work and take time off later if I need surgery then. My worker compo md will put me on light duty office work, but i am not sure I can handle it. I will have to try and see and if it does not workout then i will let her know. I guess I just want everything to happen fast and to get back to the thing i enjoy. I guess no more magic mountain or other amusement parks for me:(

How high of a dose of Neurontin did they have you on? The Lyrica didn't help me so that is why they put me on the Gabapentin 900mg 3x a day and Cymbalta TA 20 mg 2x a day. It hasn't made it perfect, but I can function better. See if they can atleast up your dosages or add another med to supliment your Lyrica. Maybe the Neurontin didn't work for you because the dose was too small. I think the reason the Lyrica didn't help me was because it was one time a day before bed. The trouble is, you have to be able to get thru the rest of the day before you can take it again, know where I'm going? TTULTR, Lynn:wave:
Usta, I was on 600mg of neurontin 3x a day and intially on the lyrica 25mg and now its up to 75mg at bedtime.