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:D I had my check up with my surgeon today. He said that I can go back to work, I can start bending, and I can start doing PT excercises at home. I am so thrilled. He told me that I am doing so well that I can do the PT at home. He cautioned me about everything- he told me that it is going to take a while to get back into my regular routine and not to push it. He stressed to me that just because I am healing in the l4/l5 area that doesn't mean that if I overdo it I can't injure another area. He wants me to wean myself off of the flexeril and the lyrica but to continue the hydrocondone and I am perfectly fine with this. He also wants me to continue my walking everyday along with the PT excercises everyday. My next appointment is in 3 months. I am just very excited about this. I hope everyone is having a less painful/painfree day.