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Pepper I don't know whats going on with the doctors , I hope it's not me thats the reason no one is helping.. OMG No my wife doesn't have a clue about the meds I was on. She doesn't have to know anyway , it's in the past now. To be truthful I felt alot better when I had them..This pain stinks..

I really don't know where or who to call ? There are no more Dr. that I can call , only the one's far away seemed to want to do this right away. I have to go see a worker's comp Dr. 4/27/07 for an IME. Imparement Medical Exam. There doing this every year now , of course maybe they want to pay me the big bucks to settle ? It's just another thing in my life that's going wrong...I just feel so negative anymore..I have enough meds to last me a couple week's , I can't wait to see what happen's then..I'm still only taking
1-15 mg MsContin every 12 hours. That doctor yesterday said is that all your taking for pain other than the Lyrica and I said yep , he said that's not much to help..I thought he was going to give me somthing but he didn't..I DID NOT ASK him for any either.

I'm tired , tired of all this. thanks for helping me Pepper..Alot of you folks been so nice to me . :wave: