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Hi Jack!

I am about 14 weeks post op L4/L5 TLIF fusion. I am taking Hydrocone 10 x3 a day. The doctor wants me to taper off the flexeril and lyrica so hopefully soon I will only be taking the hydrocondone. I think its different for everyone. Just depends on how well you heal and all the other circumstances. Good Luck.

Hey everyone!
My husband and I went thru the first two seasons of 24,1st season of prison break, and my daughter and I knocked out 6 seasons of the Gilmore Girls! Now we have to rent last years stuff because we were watching all the DVD's! Never ending cycle.......but good memories and distractions at a really scary, painful time.
I am 8 months post op two level ALIF/PLIF and back to a pretty normal life. I spent last weekend planting flowers and pruning roses. I do have some hyrocodone hidden away for the times I act stupid and pretend I didn't have surgery but other than that I take advil for pain(with doc's ok this far past surgery). I am weaning off Cymbalta for the normal depression that hits with this surgery. I take Lyrica 2x a day for the continually healing nerve damage from waiting too long for the surgery.
If you are having sciatic nerve pain DON"T WAIT. You will continue to put pressure on that nerve and the damage can follow you for life.
There is occasional pain-bad pain-I can still predict the weather by how it hurts but I would say I am 85% better than I was. I GOT MY LIFE BACK. That was my goal. Shopping with my girls, cooking for my family, working in my garden. This is my life.
Be Blessed,