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Welcome to this board, you'll find a lot of help here, as I did...so sorry for your husband, We all know here what means to be in such a horrible pain for such a long time.
You said your husband had cronic pain for 15 years, gosh...it's a long way!
I had fusion on L5 S1 on jan 17, I'm not off pain, of course I have lyrica 75 one in the morning and one in the evening, a muscle relaxer before going to bad and codeine as needed, usually I take 15 drops in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.
I wear a hard brace. What I can say to you is what my doc. said, the more you suffered before surgery, the more healing will take time...I don't know if I explained it good.....If the pain persists in the night, may be that is a nerve pain, in this case lyrica helps but nothing takes this pain completely away, is just like the brain remembers that pain and continues to send this feeling, it takes time to go away you have to be patient, make all the exams needed to check if everything is ok, if nothing is wrong you'll see some day pain will pass.
I send to you both I big hug, hope you'll be better soon....concerning depression you'll find many posts about, consider to have drugs for this desease...is part of the story....