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I have been on Lyrica since October. Up until quite recently I have experienced very little side effects other than fatigue and some dizzy moments. I attributed it to to fact that I have been on Neurontin for a year.

Last month I stopped taking my HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Hot flashes have been mild and Lyrica is known to help diminish them. Well since I have stopped my estrogen I am having increased Lyrica side effects. I have an almost photogenic memory but the other day I was asked my address and I could not remember the number of my house. There has been several other times when I forget what I was going to say and just blank out. Forgetting my address was the most notable and I cannot put that off to just getting older. Also lightheaded spells are occurring occasionally. I do find it unusual that these side effects should be increasing at this time other than the fact that I am not taking estrogen. Maybe the HRT helped to offset some of the side effects.....anyone else had symptoms getting worse so long into treatment.

I think it is strange.
I weaned down off hrt. It has been a month but the flashes are mild. I have been on HRT for 13 years. I have tried to go off it before but couldn't because the flashes were constant and severe. This time I feel the Lyrica is helping. My doctor agrees as there is evidence it helps with flashes so that is just another benefit other than being a good nerve pain reliever. The dizziness is strictly Lyrica and I think the memory loss is too but I just hadn't experienced it to this degree prior to coming off HRT.
I also take Lyrica. I take it only at night (around 9 pm) because I need to drive the vanpool van every other day. I haven't really had too many side effect symptoms until just recently when I began to use some nutritional supplements. Seems like they enhanced the effects of the Lyrica. I feel stoned and misty at times. I think Lyrica works for my nerve pain but don't know if the trade off is worth it.
I just switched from 2700 mg neurontin a day to 300 mg lyrica a day, My head is not in the fog anymore and my memory is much better so far. It doesn't really help the nerve pain as well but I do like the clearer head, guess I have to make a choice. Hope you solve your problem with it soon. These meds sure put us thru alot.

God Bless

Niki ,
I have 2 daughter's with your name. My x from way back and I had a girl , she lives far away from me and I only get to see her once a month..I visit her every month for 20 years now. Plus my adopted daughter's name is Nichole we call her Niki..Anyway I take 75 mg Lyrica I can't imagine how Carol can handle 300 mg I'd pee my pants after that..No pun intended..I have problems urinating also ,i can't tell if I'm done or not ,I just found out this is nerve damamge.

Carol ,
My goodness how do you stay awake ? :eek: Thats alot of Mg's.
Maybe I should ask for stronger cause I'm dieing here. I feel like I'm goin insane with pain ..:dizzy:

I'll ask my doc to boost me to atleast 100mg 3 times a day.
As far as dosage goes I didn't get enough pain relief until I was upped to 150 mg in the morning and 225 mg at night anything less than that and the pain starts up. When I was on Neurontin I only took 1600 mg at bedtime.

The one thing I don't like about these drugs is that you have to take them all the time. How can you possibly know if your condition is getting better if you keep taking the drugs every day? I like to wean down periodically to see if the pain level goes up. Otherwise for me it means taking the drugs every day for life. One more thing is that my blood pressure has risen the last year and my doc think she may have to put me on a diuretic. Well could it be the Lyrica putting up my blood pressure because of fluid retention. Anyone else experience that problem?
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Hey Shawley,
300 isn't enough if you ask me, I just started cymbalta at night 30mg a day for the first week then up to 60 mgs if needed. Well I didnt' sleep last night. I have the worst time sleeping, I actually cry so many night because its when I feel so alone, I try to sleep so bad and just lay there feeling so useless.

I was told that the cymbalta may help the nerve damage pain that the lyrica isn't covering, is that true? I sure hope so. You have to remember I was on 2700 neurontin a day for over a year. I have always had a high tolerance for drugs & alcohol, thats why I dont' drink but maybe 3 times a year. My spine doc was a lil suprised it didnt' effect me at all. Well I wish I didnt' need so much, I sure would like the relief at a smaller dose. No pee problems here, thank goodness! that woudl be the pits.

God Bless