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Here I am, dear friends! Today the Doctor was in, he found me in good conditions, told me to take the brace away (hypyeeee!!!!!) my dogs still enjoying it!!!!:)
I can start swimming and PT (Suchard method...does anyone know about it?). he said to have two times a week PT and swim for just two times very very slowly, I have to wear a soft brace for another month to help me to wean from it.
I'm very happy, the only thing is that he said is that the pain I have in my left hip is coming from iliac bone ( is it right?) there's a joint in that bone that we use only during labour and delivery, normally should not move, well on rx it appears that this part of bone is inflammed that shows that I used it to avoid pain during the period before surgery when I bended on my left side, as I can't take antinflammatory drugs because of my oesophagus pain coming from drugs I have to be patient and wait the pain to go by itself.
I have to continue with lyrica 75 two times a day, a muscle relaxer in the night and wait in the morning until 9.30 before take pain drug (codeine), he said that in the morning is normal to have pain but, may be, the movement should be good...I'm so frightened...hope to achieve this, no pain drugs at all...that's sounds odd for you isn't it?
I said in another post that here in Italy is easy to get drugs but we are very suspicious so we prefere to stand the pain and avoid to poison the body.
We also have natural pharmacy were we can have herbs that help for pain, obviously they're not as efficatious as chemical drugs but they help if anyone is interested I'll open a topic about.
Now I'm a little tired, as all the mums here I did so many things today and I need rest...a big hug to everybody have a nice evening!!:wave: