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I am 7 weeks out from my fusion. Because of nerve pain and cramps in my leg, my doctor told me to quit my walking 2 weeks ago until I see him on Monday. Well the pain has been has pretty consistent but yesterday and today the pain appeared to be settling down.

Tonight I had to walk 50 yards.....we had a quick meeting at my children's music studio. Now I could chop off my right leg. The pain down my entire right thigh, back of right calf, right side of foot, skip the toes and thru my big toe are incredible. What the heck is going on???? Any ideas.......I can't walk and I am in terrible pain.

Took 2 percocets and my flexeril 2 hours ago and the pain still is incredible.

Monday when I see the doctor I am going to insist on nerve medicine. He had mentioned adding elvail. Anyone take this for nerve pain?? How does it work for you? Any side effects???

What about Lyrica/Neurontin? I know some of you have been on both of these but I do not like the sounds of gaining weight.

Does anyone else take anything else for nerve pain?

Thanks for listening to me rant!!!
your nerve pain sounds like mine and was REAL bad post surgery. It did calm down, but I do still have the shooting of darts feeling out of my big toe most often.

I was allergic to neurontin and lyrica so I had to tough it out on my own. When they would give me prednisone.. the nerve pain would decrease so obviously some of it was related to inflammation for me. But some not.

I have not tried elavil as of yet. I do have a script for Cymbalta and have only taken one tablet, cuz it made me loopy and I have to be sharp for my studies right now.. so I will just have to deal then maybe try these again regularly to see if they help any.

hang in there. :wave:
I take Elavil 25mg at night time for the nerve pain. It helps somewhat. I wouldn't want to take it, if I were taking the Lyrica/Neurontin. Elavil is old anti-dperessant. It has a good track record for safety. I personally do not think many docs rx it for nerve pain, as it doesn't work as well as those listed above - ( my opinion ). I can't take Lyrica/Neurontin because of an awful reaction. Elavil will help you sleep.

I hope you feel better soon, and that awful nerve pain is on it's way out! I am wearing the Lidocaine Patch on my butt for the nerve pain. It is helping me a great deal. You can't wear it for 24/7 though, so when I take it off - the pain is back :D.

I will remember you and lift you up in my prayers tonight.

God Bless
Hi, I just went off Amitriptyline which is the generic of Elavil. It didn't help at all. The dr. just put me on Lyrica a few days ago. I actually feel better then I have felt in months. So either it is a miracle drug or I was getting better anyway. I was on Gabapentin since July. After surgery in Sept. the dr. increased it to 1800 mg. I gained weight and my joints started killing me. Once I was weaned off that feeling went away. I know Lyrica has the same side effects but hopefully won't happen. I also use the Lidoderm patch every day with a heating pad constantly on. You can use up to 3 patches. They don't do much for the nerve pain but help the muscle pain. Both hurt on me. Elavil is an anti depressant which the dr. said they use for everything else but depression. I actually took it years ago for my bladder. I took it at bed and it helped me from getting up all night. Problem is it made me sleepy and I have sleeping disorders so it was rough. There has to be something out there that works. I hope you get some relief.
Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for responding. You are the best pals I have in the world. I can always rely on you to respond on me and provide me with words of wisdom. You also truly understand what I am going thru.

I had a rough night last night despite using heat on and off again, taking my meds, and listening to my walkman. The nerves in my leg feel like they are having a jumping party. I just wish they did not invite me. ;)

The Neurontin sounds like it makes you really sleepy and in a fog. I don't think I would like that. I need to be able to function somewhat with homeschooling my children.

What about lyrica does it make you in a fog too??
I too can't imagine not taking Neurontin (Gabapentin is the generic) for the nerve pain. It actually helped me sleep. I took 2400mg about an hour before bedtime. I never took it during the day. We called it "morontin":dizzy: since I did have some side effects like the "loopiness" and stuff but it was really worth it to me in the short term to get rid of the intense awful nerve pain in my leg. I am now on Lyrica twice a day (no side effects-my head is clearer) and Cymbalta. My leg flares up occasionaly like when it is going to rain :D and if I overdo but overall I am nuch better for the meds. My doc never suggested not walking-he said I had to move to "grease the wheels" and get the healing going.
Be blessed:angel:
:wave: Good Morning!

Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous outside and I went for a walk. Can you even manage to stifle (is that a word??) a guess what happened?

Excrutiating nerve pain! Shawley.....I can definitely associate mine with walking without a doubt.

By this afternoon, I should have an answer or at least my surgeon's spin on the nerve pain. This morning I have an appt. I am going to ask him about cymbalta. I am just not sure about the side effects of neurontin, lyrica, or elvail; however, if he wants me on it............I will abide by his decision........I just need these nerves to settle down.
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi Pepper,
I"m sorry that I"m just now posting on here for you, it's been a long weekend with many things to do. I"m sorry your still dealing with this pain, as you know I have been fighting this nerve pain for over a year now. When I took the 2700mg of neurontin it helped alot but not completley, still have some pain to deal with 24/7. But it did make me very out of it, blurry vision, not thinking straight, forgetting, sleepy but not able to sleep. I could go on & on. I take the Cymbalta & lyrica now along with the flexiril & vicodin. I'm much more clear headed, the forgetting is almost back to normal now. I feel like I can function in an almost normal capacity now. BUT (you knew that was coming) the nerve pain control isn't as good with this cocktail of meds. So now I have to choose which way I want it, fuzzy headed but better relief or clear headed and more pain. Right now I'm sticking with the new cosktail, I do still have to increase the cymbalta to two a dayin a few more days.I'm hoping this will help the pain levels.

I do hope you Dr. visit goes well and you can find a mix that will help. It is maddening to try to live with this evil creature in your body. I hope you get relief soon.

God Bless