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Ok most of you know about the experience I had last week. I was in the hospital because of the worst pain in my life. Well, anyways, thay gave me 2 esi One in the s1 and the l4 at least thats whay i think it was, I was too drugged to really know what they were doing. But the pain in my leg had left and the numbness was better, but I noticed 2 days ago that the pain is starting to come back. This is my second esi, I had the 1st in feb., Now if the pain keeps coming back then what. I am already on lyrica and no longer on neurontin. From what I understand there is no nerve compression, but I guess because of the tear there is stuff leaking on the nerve. I see my worker comp md on wednesday, I wonder what she is going to think nothing seems to help me and I no they are trying to get me back at work.