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To begin with the good news, my doctor is already seeing fusion at 7 weeks!!! There is some cloudy stuff already on the x-ray. My doctor said this is excellent news at this stage in the game and more than he expected. :)

Screws look good and intact.

He feels that my leg cramping is nothing to be worried about probably from the bending incident at 4 weeks. The muscles are trying to adjust and calm down from everything.

He is concerned about my nerve pains in my right foot alternating with numbness. At this point, he has given me a few exercises for the foot and wants me to get into the pool at least 3 - 5 times a week walking (good thing we are opening the pool next week - shall I crank it to 90 degrees?). He has started me on Lyrica and will call me next Friday to check on how the Lyrica is working for me.

As far as walking on land, he wants me to walk down my driveway, if I am okay then he wants me to continue walking that for the next week. If I have problems, he wants me to cut it in 1/2 and do that for a week. In another words to build up slowly doing it in one week increments.

No bending, no lifting more than 5 lbs, and he has given me permission to drive if not medicated no more than 15 minutes and not on interstate.

Overall, I think we received great news.

What an awesome post! I am on Elavil for the nerve pain, but am planning on asking about the Lyrica when I see NS in 2 weeks. My nerve pain is ok today, but I never know when it will hit.

I pray that the new med works for you. Please keep us updated on how it is going!!

Diet, what a nice surprise!!! You start to fuse, and then you begin with lyrica, hope it will work for you as it did for me...the best drug for nerve pain!
I'm sure you will enjoy it..tell us about! :wave:
Excellent Doc visit Pepper! Fusion is happening and you are now getting able to do more too! Awesome! I hope that Lyrica works for you. Just read the adverse reactions section of the phamplet and watch for signs.

Because of my reaction to meds of recent.. I always let my BF know what I am taking.. what adverse reactions to look for and if I just act "different" to let me know. And of course.. If I drop.. call 911! hahaha.

Sorry.. I have weird allergies and was in the ER right before Christmas from taking a probiotic of all things. Something simple can be extremely harmful to me. Im allergic to corn and wheat.. which is in EVERYTHING.. but I dont drop from eating these, but I have to be careful with them.

Crank the heater up on the pool and enjoy! Wish I had a pool right now. Keep up the good work. :wave: