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Tammy & Hessie, I'm 5'3" and my hubby is 6'5" and 260 so I know how that is. I didn't drive because of the meds, the had me in a fog ALL the time. Now I'm on Lyrica and much more clear headed. I'm not afraid to drive and I have driven like maybe ten time but had to not take meds to do that and was in serious pain after driving was done. So you can see why I didn't drive much at all. My last two surgeries were 16 months ago. I was confined to bed for the first 5 weeks and was in a hard brace with a leg brace on my left leg for 5months post op.

So sorry the sex thing is a problem for you both also, but relieved that I"m not alone with this. The pillow suggestion sounds like a good idea. My hubby will like the idea of having to try things to see what works, but he's afraid of hurting me too.

Tammy, I'm glad your moved and you behaved too. I hope you enjoy your company. Sorry to hear that disc might be giving you more trouble. But good news that the other level is good.

Thanks so much for the replies, they helped alot.

Gd Bless

Hi Carol-

I just wanted to say s_x is the last thing on my mind being 7 weeks out. I love my hubby dearly but there is no way I am going there. LOL Knowing my luck, I would snap a rod or screw and have to explain it to the doctors. LOL

Please be careful about taking an hour walk the first time you are out. That is a long walk. Slow and build up.

That is great that the lyrica is helping you. How long did it take before you noticed a difference?
Carol - How long did it take for the lyrica to work for you??
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi Pepper,
I'm sorry I forgot to include that info. This is like my third week on it, the first week was the transition from neurontin to lyrica. I'm probably feeling the full effect of it now so maybe 2-3 weeks. I was on a pretty heavy dose of neurontin so I'm thinking it took a lil while to get all of that out of my system. I take 100mg 3times a day. I was told that was a high dose for lyrica I don't know. It doesn't do as good a job as the other did but I'm more clear headed with this one. I think if I took one more a day it would cover the pain much better but I don't think that will happen if I'm already on a high dose.

How much are you taking? Is it helping?

Good Luck!

God Bless

I'm 15 mos out from my fusion. Neurontin was really hard to take. I felt stoned all the time, but a switch to Lyrica helped. I take 100mg only at night and it really helps with the nerve pain. As for the intimacy issues, my long-term partner has virtually disappeared. I know it's because I can't do the things we used to do (golf, hike, spelunking, camping, etc.). I would think it's awful and tragic and sad, but my feeling is that if this was too much for him, better I know it now than later. But something wonderful happened a few months ago. A man I dated almost 40 years ago found me on my work website and we've reconnected. He's distant (in miles) but has made two special trips to visit and I have learned that patience and persistance will give rise to creativity in bed. I'm 57, disabled and find that I still have the curiosity and the drive and someone who celebrates it.