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Hey guy's thanks for the thoughts :) . I'm currently taking Lyrica 75mg 3 times a day for nerve pain and Mscontin 15 mgs 1 every 12 hours. Thats it for pain , I haven't recieved any call's yet. I hope today will be the day.
I called my surgeon yesterday and ask his nurse to raise the Mgs in my Lyrica ,anything for pain is welcomed..My Ten's unit helps some , for like 10 minutes. I can't go to the ER , my wife is taking college courses after work and for me to bug her wouldn't be fair.. She is working so hard for our family she doesn't have much time for anything else , just call me Mr.Mom . She know's I'm in pain because I keep her up alot at night..I feel like a burden plus my mother in law would be upset if I ask for more pain meds after I quit.
Sorry I couldn't answer all your post ,there's to many ;) . But thanks.

Izzy , my attorney isn't really upset ,we just got into a E-mail battle about comp paying for my gas, that they haven't been doing. I get along with my attorney well. I'm giving the nurse until 12:00 to call today.

Thank you all for helping me :wave:
Thanks Clover , it does suck this world run's on money. My whole family is known for heart disease , I lost my brother /mother/father to heart disease , I had everything checked and they said everything is perfect besides my back. :dizzy:

I really don't mind being Mr.mom . I can only do so much , she has to do the physical stuff.

I just called my surgeon's office and there closed ? I called yesterday and ask for a higher dose Lyrica and the receptionist said I will tell the nurse she will see him tomorrow..But he's not in. I was going to ask him for somthing for anxiety and depression , I just feel horrible anymore with my life..I woke up last night around 1:00am sit ,I couldn't sleep for the pain so I sat up in bed and all I could think of was how miserable my life is . I know everything aint all that bad but I can't convince myself of that ,i just feel like crying all the time and I know it isn't right to feel that way. I bet there is alot of people feeling that way and wander what they take for it.

Thanks for posting :wave:
I just spoke to my surgeon's nurse , she told me to take 100mg Lyrica , I ask if they could give me something for my depression and anxiety to ,she said she had to talk to the Dr. and she will call back. I told her I was a mess because of this pain..I should just bend over and take it like a man.

I think your right ,I need to get face to face with them about my pain. The problem is getting in to see them. So nice out and I'm stuck in this house.

I just feel so sad , like no one cares about my pain. :rolleyes:

Thanks for your help pepper , I need to do something .
Thanks , but I have been trying so hard to get to a Dr. I keep getting sorry if you were seeing this Dr. forget it ? I didn't do anything , why just because I was seeing this doctor makes me a bad person ? I ask this question but no one can answer me ,just tell's me how sorry they are ?
Your right SORRY ,My dang back /legs and feet are killing me and now your sorry you can't help ?

This is what I have to here when I call..

Oh yea ,my surgeon's nurse hasn't sent anything to the PM Dr. I called Tuesday ,there just waiting for everything faxed over but the nurse been to buisy to send anything yet ? :rolleyes: they boost my Lyrica up to 150mg every 2 hours..WoW..somthing anyway.. c-ya:wave:
Hey folk's ,
I"m not so sure the hospital will help me cause I can't have anymore steroid injection's..I made it though the night , my surgeon told me to take 2 of my 75Mg Lyrica twice a day..I did last night during survivor around 7:30 and boy did my tummy get sick...But It didn't take long till it knocked me out cold..It was the best sleep I had in days , of course it was dreams about my back and legs all night , one dream was I was going down this hall with an IV in my arm to get my legs amputated and I was happy :dizzy: . Then another dream I was shot in the back ..What a night of dreams..Jeesh

I'm calling a doctor today to talk to him. Thanks guy's

Yvette, we would be a good pair :D
Pepper, maybe your right , but I will have to wait a few weeks for that..My PD is out on break till Monday and he's always hard to get in to see. And my surgeon Jeesh what a joke. :dizzy: I have a letter for my new Dr. when I do get one , please be truthful and tell me what you think of it.

In Set, 2003 I injured my back @ work. In October, 2004 I had surgery to correct spondylolisthesis with a par's defect. I had my L4-L5 fused with hardware and a Laminectomy. In all I had 3 surgeries. My surgeonwant's to perform another surgery to remove my hardware.
I was seeing Dr. Raneri out of Keystone Pain Management in Altoona. Dr.Raneri perscribed me 15MGs of Oxycodone and 30MGs of MsContin , in all I have been taking these drug's for around a year. Dr.Raneri suggested as well as my surgeon that I should get the trial spinalcord stimulator for pain and suggested we stop me taking all these med's which in turn I agree'd. I wanted off them anyway..A couple weeks later I get this call for me to cancel my appointment with Dr. Raneri because he left the area. They also said they had a person who was qualified to give injection's so I went and had 2 transforaminal injection that didn't help. In the meantime I decided to stop my med's ,I found out it was a huge mistake. When I was out I became very sick. I called my surgeon and ask for help weening me off my meds because I had no Dr. anymore to do the meds for me. he said ok ,and I told him I wanted to ween off slowly because I was scared of being sick like I was..He sent me 15MGs of OXY IR that only lasted a week..he only gave me a week supply ,so I turned to the script of MsContin I had that I didn't use because I wanted to stop ..I called Dr. Raneri's new office and set up an appointment to see him so he could help me. I can't afford driving that far for him to help me so I tried to find a local PM Dr. to help me I have cut back to 15MGs of MsContin 1 every 12 hour's and 150 MGs of Lyrica.
I am living with horrible pain and I'm experiencing high anxiety and depression.

Please help me.

What do you think > Sound ok ?