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Yes Ma'm I'm back. I still have problems but I'm not all worked up anymore , these anxiety med's have cooled me down..now I just need to get this stim thing going. Maybe word will come today :) I do feel like a burden has been lifted from me. I'm actually happy again. Thank the LORD for that.

Now i just have to shift position's and get this stimulator rollin , no more being upset or mad. I actually helped my wife do a little cleaning yesterday ,then we sat down and watched the race on TV and had a good time. I have been sleeping so well the last 2 day's since I got these meds.
The Lyrica is taking alot of my leg /foot pain away to ,my back still hurts but it is a relief anyway.

Thanks Pepper I'm back :D
Wow Shawley! Have you been on Lyrica for awhile or is this a new thing? I have been taking it for 1 week 100 mg. 2 x daily. I am not having the leg cramps (Thank you JESUS!) but my foot is going to have to go if it does not stop. I looked on the dermatone chart and I am a little concerned. My foot hurts on the sole (L5), side of the foot (s1), and four toes (not big toe) (???what nerve is this??? L4/L5????).

Old fusion s1/s2. New fusion L5/S1. Something doesn't feel right. Now who is anxious??
Pepper , my doc told me the pain in my toes are related to the L5 also.
I upgraded my lyrica to 150mgs twice a day and cymbalta before bed ,plus my Mscontin 1 every 12 hours and my zanax 3 times a day and
Hydrocodone 5mg just to take the edge off. Now I can survive the wait for these doctor's. I'm calling my PD today and set up an appointment , I need a rectal exam anyway , I know ewww,, maybe I'll get a kick out of it :D

Pepper I get the pain on the side of my foot to, it goes from my ankle to the side and top of foot, my bif toe isn't involved yet , I get pain in my thigh to but the funny thin is it comes on strong then disapears without a trace after a few minutes. ? These anxiety meds make me a little dizzy so bare with my spelling her. I know soon I will be almost pain free..I can't wait I'm so happy if I can find a doc. I'm not calling again to that Dr. I'm waiting on , my Keystone Pain Management nurse promised me if I here nothing in a couple day's call her and she will find me a doctor. She feel's for me. I tried everything for this , 3 injections PT and still pain. hey but I'm smiling and hope these meds dont wear off..lol

Your all my good buddies :wave: