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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]HI Tammy,
I'm so glad your guest made it there safe & sound. Sounds like your gonna have a full plate for a lil while. But it's always nice to have company from another country. My sisters boyfriend is from mexico, when he came to cleveland he was so amazed by the tall buildings and the baseball game we took him to was the end of the world to him, he was so excited to see the things that we take for granted here. It sure helps you to see it thru their eyes, all this country has to offer us that other countries dont' have.

Well I'm glad your doing so well you don't have time to pay attention to the aches & pains, your right that is a good good sign.

Enjoy your company, but dont' wear yourself out too much.

They think the cymbalta is the culprit, the lyrica seems to be ok with me, I do have some of my memory back, that is so nice.

God Bless