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Sounds pretty permenant to me Pepper ,sorry :confused: But Like Tammy said why don't you take nerve medicine ? Lyrica works wonders for me.
Take care :wave:
I am on Lyrica 100 mg. 2 times daily. My surgeon said on Friday that he would call me and we may need to adjust it.

Thanks for listening guys. I just needed to talk to someone in the middle of the night and gotta love my dogs but they were snoozing and not listening to me.
Pepper, sounds like they either need to adjust your Lyrica or try something entirely new for you. Obviously, the Lyrica isn't working or even taking the edge off it. I hope they give you something new to ease that pain your are in so you can rest better. Dont give up hope about the nerve pain.. the surgery is just way way too fresh to even think along those lines at this point. Just forget about that thought for now and concentrate on relieving the pain. I hope you get more rest tonite.

Jill, .. So that is what happened to my bread! Ok.. at least now I know! hehe.
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For me personally.. Im for Daquiri's.. count me in! And don't forget the cute little umbrella too! Cheers to us all!

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How diabotical! I wish I would have thought of that!!! you are truly evil-ah-sweet!:D

YOu know the pain in your thigh? That's about the thighs of it...sorry. I wouldn't sweat it too much. It's probably from the overexertion of being up and out. And also, you went out at the end of the day-when you are most tired so that adds extra abuse. Just lay low today and rest up.

Pepper, seriously, at nine weeks i think you are doing well. Ask for an increase in the Lyrica. Remember that nerves take their own dear sweet time to recover. We are so good in giving advice to others....lets try taking some of our own..go slow give yourself some leeway. slow and steady...your goal is not to catch the easter bunny this year.....