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Hubbies back is fine. I really am fortunate to have such a good man but sometimes ya know I just have to find something to complain about. :)

My doctor called me already this morning just like he said he would and we are moving up Lyrica to 150 mg 2 x a day. He is such a great doc!! He is not happy about all the leg pain and he told me that if I have any ideas of going shopping again he will take away all my meds. :eek: LOL

:blob_fire :blob_fire Hey I have lost 8 lbs. :blob_fire :blob_fire

I know you asked for Clover's info but here is mine at 9 wks because I love to chat. :D Sorry moderator.

Car Riding: 1/2 hour max
Sitting: 2 hours or more if reclining
Walking: 1800 ft
Driving: 10 minutes
Meds: 150 mg. lyrica, percocet 1 or 2 daily, soma x 1 in am and
flexeril x 1 in pm
Sleeping: Moved back to bed with hubby at 7 weeks. Forget fooling

That's my story and I am sticking with it.