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[QUOTE=Michael8466;2905604]I'm seeing a pain management dr. now and he's trying different drugs on me. The Kadian, Nabumetone, Tramadol, and Vicodin didn't work. He prescribed Norco this week and seems it works better than the other meds. Can anyone tell me if they had better luck with Norco instead of the others. It makes me feel a lot more drousy, but it's better for pain control for me. I asked him about my gain weight and Gabapentin and he said it does make you gain weight. I just might have the right combo of meds now, but I don't see how I'll be able to work feeling the way I do with the new meds.

I am about to have my second back surgery so I may not be the most reliable source. I have tried many medications and am currently involved with a pain management center.
I have tried fentanyl patches, they made me sick to my stomach so the relief to my back circumvented. I have tried Actiq sucker and they worked ok but I became dependent on them and their was a personality effect. I tried Nuurontin...nothing. I tried Skelaxin...nothing. I am trying Lyrica in doces of 200 to 250 and I become very sleepy and would give it a C- as far as pain relief.
I have and am trying hycrocodone with some results. I am also trying as an alternative hydromorphone 4-8 mg with the best relief. It is addicting. I have had facet injections, pills for cortosone with some relief. I relished the three weeks I had pain free; it was a brief but appreciated new life.
I have done water aerobics, chriopract,but not accupunture.
When you are in pain, you will try anything. I am going to ask my dr about
Norco. Good luck and hope you find something that helps