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Thanks for the welcome.... I was refered to a urologist by my neurosurgeon for the bladder problem and he informed me that there was minor nerve damage to the bladder and that it could not be repaired or expected to heal, he also diagnosed an enlarged prostate which places pressure on the bladder. I now take flomax and it has cut down dramatically the number of times I need to urinate. The bowel problem really took care of itself, as the post surgery numbness of my butt subsided so did the staining of my underwear. I never knew when it was happening, I had just found the results when I was changing clothes.
I guess I'm one of those people where the surgery was a success but the patient died. I awoke from my lumbar fusion with hypersensativity of my forearm and thumb, when an MRI was done they discovered that I herniated discs at C5-C6 and C6-C7. This was attributed to my placement on the operating room table exsacerbating undiagnosed hernaitions. I have been treating this for 10 years now with Lyrica, it deadens the sensativity in my arm and hand. I was also diagnosed with chronic lower back pain after the fusion, because thou the numbness and weakness in my legs went away the lower back pain continued. Approximately a month ago I started to have major pain in the center of my back which was the one area that hadn't bothered me previously. The results of a cat scan and MRI of my spine have shown that I have a total of 6 discs which are not herniated. I am going to have a steroid injection this Friday in the T10-T11 area to see if that will bring any relief. I have had 10 steroid injections previously in differant areas, they have never worked for me but I'll just continue to hope for now. My doctors know that I am fairly adament that I will not consider any further surgeries till I have lost the mobility of my arms or legs. I have a great pain management doctor who is more then willing to work with me so for now I'm once again in the position of trying new things and doing as much research as possible on my own.