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A spine specialist in my area ,so that's a great thing. Where am I going to start telling him my problems. I just feel so crazzy with these things going on. I'm sure some can relate. I just want to make sure my other surgeon is right about going back in for more surgery. Should I call my surgeon and ask what plan's he has for me becaue I'm sure this new doc is gonna want to know.

I really don't even know what's going on , this lyrica has my mind in a fog and I can't remember thing's . Wierd !! I see him on Tuesday. My pain has grown worse for some reason and it isn't in my head. I can't do anything without pain..I'm sure some has answer's for me. I will bring up the crappy part and the peeing all the time to start..Should I ask him to take over my meds or leave it up to my family doctor if he will do it.

Thanks for your help. Happy Easter :wave:
pampam, start a new thread, then you will get lots of responses!!!

Shawley, I know the lyrica does put you in a brain fog, I do believe you should let the doctor be the one making an unbiases opinion. I mean after he tells you what he thinks, then you can tell him what others said. I am so grateful that its tomorrow, I had asked on the other thread. Okay and your gonna tell him about all the other stuff.

Just tell him everything, don't sugar coat it. Let him know how bad it is, what's happening to you. I will be anxiously waiting!!! I am praying for you. Maybe this doctor will be the one that changes everything for you, Keep your hopes up!!!