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Hallo everybody! I've been away for a little, days are passing and all the new tasks are taking me away from you all..
Wish to tell you that I'm thinking of you, today I'll take time to read all your threads to get me updated.
In the meanwhile here are the news.
PTis ok, the therapist is coming home two times per week, I'm doing the Suchard method, I thing something like your Mac Kenzie method, it's suprising how flexible I am despite the three surgeries and all the inactivity, I guess I have to thank for all the years I did sports, may be my body replies in a good way...
I started to go to the pool doing gymnastic in water, slowly and with a floating device, while in water I feel like I have no more pain, that's very nice!
The therapist told me to do some exerices home, abdominals, three series of 15 and back leg stretching.
Sometimes I feel better, I take some day of complete rest, like today, because these activities, even if needed, seem to worsen the situation, then I see that after a little rest I feel good and more energetic.
I can say that I need less rest than before to feel good and that I can do more things during the day without laying down.
Little by little My back is improving, I still take some pain med, just in the mornig and Lyrica 75 two times per day and a muscle relaxer in the night.
That's all folks! Wish you all the best!!!:wave: Pat