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Hi Big M. Glad to see that you are doing a bit better. Small improvements no matter how small are a good thing. This is a long time healing thing as I have found out first hand. I am a go getter, but my getty up got up and ran away with the surgery! hehehe. It's taking its sweet little time healing. Im 100% solidly fused.. but I am still healing from the surgery and I am basically 1 year post op one level fusion.

The leg pain you have is VERY common for many of us. Mine started post surgery and it was horrible. Your pain meds you are on will not touch this type of pain It's nerve pain is what you are feeling.. that burning, firing, tingling, aching, hurting.. that's the nerves. Some of mine has now become permanent per my surgeon that did it and a new surgeon I am now seeing. It's pretty minimal,so I can live with that part.

Have you discussed this leg pain with your doctor? If you are having a tough time dealing with this pain.. you might suggest to the doctor that he can try you on a NERVE medication such as Cymbalta, Neurontin, Lyrica, etc.. there are several others out there for this that can ease that pain you are feeling. These medications were primarily used for depression, but have shown to be extremely helpful for neuropathic pain for diabetics etc.. and us spineys too!

I am allergic to Lyrica and Neurontin.. and we found out by my taking them. I have Cymbalta in my cabinet, but have not been bad enough that I have tried it yet. Ask the others here about this.. they will offer some really positive feeback on these medications to possibly being of help to you also! Many have some wonderful relief and it has given many a new lease to their healing process. Something for you to consider trying.

Hang in the and thanks for the update. Keep up that healing and again, remember to listen to your body and be in tune with it. It seems to be working for you. Happy and healthy healing gal! Tam:wave: