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I wouldn't complain about not making your bed! Let's be reasonable. LOL!

I would consider asking to have your Lyrica increased, or to try another nerve medicine. That's not alot.

Have you tried water therapy? That doesn't put any stress on your leg and does a world of good. Hot tubs are great also. Or even a warm bath.

Alot have your dr. work with the pain meds. There are alot of combos that can be tried that can carry you over so that you can be comfortable while you heal....

good luck and keep us posted.....

Hi Niki, I was not dumped by the PT but was dumped by the insurance company. They said I was not getting better fast enough so they could not justify further treatment. Also that PT is not used for pain contol. I appealed and lost. Just spent a few hours on my second appeal. This time I am quoting different websites on the benefit of PT after fusion. My surgery was Sept. 2006. I'm still taking Oxycodone, 2400mg of Skelaxin and 150mg of Lyrica. Still in pain. From what I read the pain could be a year or longer. Depends on your personal situation. Most of my pain is muscle. Have some leg and foot tingling too. I would try another therapist. I've had back therapy three or four times over the past 8 years. They are all different. Some agressive. Some not. Feel better.
Nikirae, I had my last fusion in 2002 and I still suffer daily with the pain. My pain is less in the summer because I spend about 7 hours a day in a pool. I am on Lorcets (my choice of pain meds) I also take Lyrica 75mg 3 times a day, I take either flexeril or zanaflex for spasms and I use pain patches for 12 hours a day. Recently my doctor and I talked about how much better I feel in the summer and decided that about a month after the weather changes and I can't get in the swimming pool anymore, that she would order 12 weeks of aqua therapy which means a heated pool for 3 months in the winter. Hopefully that will help. I hate pain meds and all the other meds that go with them and my goal is to be medicine free by 2009. I hope that you get some relief at some point. Pain is a terrible place to be. Take care and keep smiling!!!