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Ok I'll try to make it short... I was rearended in a MVA in Sept '05 which resulted in low back pain. So I went to my PM doc and went through (in random order) PT, message therapy, chiropractor (w. the machine not manual manipulation),water therapy, weight loss, and acupuncture (which I still do and love). I also had an epidural, facet joint block, and nerve block that didn’t help me. An MRI showed a tear at L4-L5 and a discogram further proved the problem. My PM Doc said that I was too young (22) for fusion so she said I should try the IDET procedure. I wanted to consult with a surgeon so I did and he saw my history. He said that I would be a canidate for the fusion surgery (he also said the IDET doesn’t have a high enough success rate). So on March 13th I had a laminectomy with posterolateral fusion at L4-L5.
On to the Topamax... now that I am 4 weeks post op I am having some nerve pain. It comes and it goes but it is mostly in my legs. I also have a history of headaches so it will also help with that. I was on the Lyrica previously and I did not like the side effects of it, it made me feel uncomfortable, it’s hard to explain. I also was on the Topamax previously too when I was having headaches and migraine but I was on a higher dose (400mg) and I did experience some numbness in my limbs.
Hopefully this answered some of your questions, if not just ask me whatever I didn’t explain right. I am typing this after taking meds so I hope it comes out ok. :jester: