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We can't take anything with ibuprofin. And for some reason everyone I've talked to say they don't work as well for pain either, which is weird.

Diet, do you think maybe your lyrica is kicking in and possibly helping with the leg pain?

Hope you have a good pain free day buddy, and get that pool heater working!!!

I have been on lyrica for 3 weeks now I think. I am thinking that I might ask to try elvail or topamax. My foot goes from the prickly to the extreme pain. I wish it was numb!! :D
vette - No I need to add that to the queue.

Clover - I am hanging in there. I think I am going to call the doc and see if he will delete the lyrica and add elvail or something else. This lyrica has to go. Lots of sciatica down the leg and into the foot. I think if we remove the right leg -- I would be :blob_fire for joy. Are the meds still working for you?