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Welcome, and sorry you have to be here. It seems once your a spiney, always a spiney. I have had problems for 17 years now. Some years way worse than others. Depression runs high with chronic pain and if you are depressed you might consider asking the doc for cymbalta as it helps with nerve pain as well. Or something else. There are also meds out for nerve pain like Neurotin, Lyrica most of us here are on those or have been. The meds they give for back pain won't touch the nerve pain. However, the nerve meds send you into a fog for a few weeks till you get use to them. Just some tips I wish I would have known sooner.

I just had fusion five weeks ago. You'll find that there is tons of support here, questions answered, shoulders to cry on, people to tell you to quit crying or whatever you may need...the one thing we have is support. And unlike our family and friends who don't understand. EVERYONE HERE DOES. I doubt there's anything you could say that ten people aren't gonna say yep me to. This place has been my life line..and I hope you find all the support you need.

I don't know any docs in your area, but I can tell you to find the top spine specialist in your area and get atleast two opinions.

best of luck to you..vette