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Wow ! Thanks for all the prayer's , things kinda went ok , the family Dr would NOT take over med's that strong , I told him my whole story on how I can't get anyone but my surgeon and he's so far away, all he said was sorry. His nurse called me before my visit and told me this first off, but he will tend to my other problems so I went to see him and ask again..

I have been VERY sick , after the nurse told me that over the phone I stopped my meds...Oh, I still have about 18 pill's left for emergency. I just don't want to run out all the time cause I can't get them refilled in time.
I feel pretty good other than the pain I have , boy was I bad the other day with withdraw again and the last. my Lyrica helps alot with the pain..
My wife ask me why I was sick, and I told her about the time I ran out and how hard it to get a Dr. to refill them..She think's its not right to stop them because of my pain , but she don't know the dependancy of these drug's.
It's a horrible feeling..I just hope that the pain doesn't kick up bad again ,I watch what I do more now..Over all I feel great I'm over that dependancy thingy again .

Thank's for all the prayer's , we need to pray for the families friends and fellow students of the V.T. murder's .:angel:
Thanks for the concerns and all , but I learned from my mistakes. I'm finally over the withdraws , I layed on our couch and in my bed for 2 days sicker than a dog and I swear I will never touch them again..

Emily to your question I have pill's left for a flare up only..Naaaa if I take one every morning and evening they just wear off so I'll wait till I get the stimulator put in , these dang pill's can be evil :dizzy: My Lyrica keep's the pain in control as long as I take it easy. See they won't give me one every 6 hours like I need. So I quit until I really really need it.

Vette, hey where ya been ? Been wondering how you were doing ,seems like were all going down the tubes around here ..lol I don't ever want to taste a pill again..Unless they can give what I need. I quit ! I do see a PM Dr soon so maybe just maybe thing's will go my way ? Besides the addiction it's causing sexual disfunction's if you know what I mean and my wife is a little upset.:rolleyes: What can you do ? I had a cold Budweiser about an hour ago and it really gave me a buzz..My friend I grew up with took me to his dad's to a car dealer and to Napa and to the CVS for my patches and back home ,so I had a day.

Gotta get off this thing and take it easy for a while , talk to you tomorrow.
Hope your feeling better today :wave: