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Just curious if you have been put on any meds for nerve irritation? Not talking about pain meds but actual meds for your nerve pain I believe Lyrica and am blanking on other names at the moment but I was on those to try and help with the fun known as sciatica! I am assuming you have talked to your Dr about the persistent pain. What did he/she have to say? I had a laminectomy done in January and luckily for me knock on a large hunk of wood I am pain free. Sorry to hear that your surgery didn;t go as well. I know my Dr told me if this didnt work I was going to have to have a fusion. My 2 cents are talk to your Dr again and explain what kind of pain you are having and see what he/she has to say before going to a chiro. You may just have an unstable spine and manipulating it may do more harm than good.
Best of luck, keep us posted and know I am thinking of you and wishing you well