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Hessie I agree with taking control of your life, because if you dont no one else will. I have not had surgery, but I can relate to you in alot of ways esp. with the weight gain. I gained 40 lbs in 4 months from all this meds, making the back worse yeah! Thay tell me loose 60 for surgery how? And all the pills make me sleepy, I am cranky all the time and all I want to do is sleep. The only thing that has helped is I had hte doc take me off lyrica, i was intitally on neurontin and she put me on topomax for nerve pain, maybe I need a increase dose, but it does little for nerve pain but helps with the appetite a little. I feel depressed alot, because of all the changes that have taken place in my life so suddenly. I too know it is time to take control. I just dont know where to start. Maybe we can help each other in some kind of way. Good luck to you, I hope it works out for you and never give up, keep pushing forward.
Thanks everyone. My daytime sleepiness is a form of Narcolepsy. I take 30 to 40mg of Dextroamphetamines for it. So they are uppers. The Oxycodone and Skelaxin make you tired. It's a rough cycle. The Neurontin helped me but swelled me up. Now the Lyrica is doing the same thing. Can't win. I see a Neurologist for the Narcolepsy. He is the one that gave me the Lyrica. He asked about the leg pain. He suggested I get an MRI and EEG but talk it over with my primary. I don't know why it hurts so much. It feels like all muscle. I'm using the TENS machine on it. I think by not getting therapy is making it worse. But insurance won't approve. I had pain before surgery. I've had chronic back pain for about 10 years. This is just different. I had sciatica for years but it was gone before surgery. Now I have nerve pain in my leg again. I know it is not the disc anymore since it is gone. Believe it or not I have a high tolerance to pain.

Luv Beagle... The pain I am having is muscle pain in the buttocks. They are knots of pain. Then a burning tailbone pain. Also muscle and nerve pain down my calf into my foot. Almost feels like a Charley Horse. When I stand too long the foot feels numb and hurts. Across my back at my waist hurts when I walk too. I don't know if that is what everyone else gets. I haven't been back to work either since my Sept. surgery. I was getting temp. disability until february. I applied for permanent disability in the beginning of March. I also applied for disability retirement at work. Although I'm only 42 I worked there 22 years. Hope I get both. Can't live on one.

Thanks everyone for the responses.
Hi Barbara,

I think the hand pain is because the Lyrica is causing me to retain water. I think it swells the joints. Just my opinion. The tip of my index finger is killing me. Hurts to press down. It does have a lump on it as in arthritis. Who knows. I'm only 42 and too young for that. LOL It's funny, the day after you told me what RSD was I was watching a re-run of Strong Medicine on Lifetime. She diagnosed a woman with RSD. The treatment was two Narcotics and something else. I mentioned to the Neurologist about the pain and he says talk to my surgeon about having tests done. What tests would they do? EMG? I had one done about 4 years ago and had mild neuropathy. Probably worse now. He mentioned an MRI too. I need a push. I haven't called anyone. Maybe Friday will be different. I'll try to call the surgeon. Then again I think maybe I should just go in and see him. I hate dealing with the receptionist who thinks they know everything. I'll think about it. Let's keep each other posted.