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First I just wanna say thank's to you guy's , you make me feel special and wanted . TucsonLady don't think that your not wanted . I like typing to you. lol :)

I'm trying the Trial Stimulator first , sorry I confused anyone. Yes I am off all narcotic's , what am I doing for pain ? Right now I'm doing nothing but Lyrica 150MG twice a day. I make sure not to over do anything , very little walking , no lifting.(found out the hard way) I feel stronger inside than when I was taking my pain med's. I understand why Dr.'s don't like to give out these med's . I had a chance to ask my new PM Dr. for pain med's but I really don't want them again unless it becomes unbarable again . I just have to be careful about what I do.

As soon as the Dr.'s office call's and gives me a date I'll post it. I'm kind of scared and anxious all at once for it. I promise I won't up and leave again. I did think about you all during my recovery and wanted to get on to say hello but I really felt like crap if you know what I mean.

Take care and thank's

Shawley :wave: