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Hi and welcome to the board,

If your pain is persistant and not getting better, than I would go back to the dr.s and tell him/her. Explain that the epidurals worked for x amount of time and that the pain is back. Stay strong and be determined to get to the bottom of whats going on. You are your best advocate.

Unfortunately this is a long journey with back issues and theres usually not an easy cure. It takes time, and alot of patience.

Are you on any other meds for the nerve pain, like neurontin or lyrica? If not, one of them might work for you. Check with you dr. Just out of curiousity, if you don't mind me asking..... Does your ortho know that your seeing a chiro? Please be careful, with having herniations, they can do more harm than good. It's great that you walk when you can. They say, that it's one of the best things for bad backs.

As far as applying for ssi, go for it, the most that will happen is that you'll be turned down. You might be one of the lucky ones and get accepted though. There is a disability board here that you can get alot of info from.

Take care and good luck to you.