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Just wanted to shout out to all my back buddies :wave: , I haven't been on here in a long while and wanted to let everyone know I'm doing Ok !
I seen a pain management Dr. yesterday about the spinalcord stimulator trial implant , now I'm waiting on a date for it to be done. I have been off all pain meds . All I take now is Lyrica /Cymbalta and let me tell you I personally feel better. Yes I have horrible pain expecially when it come's to bedtime but I feel better about myself and not depressed , I feel healthier .:D

I really pray that this stimulator gives me atleast 50% relief.
I try to walk but it make's things really bad in my feet and leg's. The doc yesterday was pushing and pulling on my leg's and I payed for it last night , I see the good ole worker's comp Dr. tomorrow. I hope he think's the stim is a good idea because if not comp may dissaprove it. Finger's crossed here.

Good to be back .

Shawley :wave:
Jill , hey I'm very sorry for up and leaving , I really couldn't get on here because I been sick from being off my med's , BUT now I feel great , other than the pain. I thought about you all ,all the time. I was praying you all were still on here. Your all my cyber buddies and that's as close as family as it get's.

I don't think your dog would aprreciate you falling on him anytime. Good thing your husband caught you. Poor puppy would have got hurt. What's going on with your muscle's ? Night's are horrible for me. I dread going to bed at night because I know I won't sleep. My Lyrica kind of help's but I'm lucky to get 3 hour's a night because of my leg and foot is burning and throbbing . I catch an hour here and there on the couch when I can.

Good to see all my crippled friends again.. I go pretty soon I hope to get my trial stim. They told me to bring my walker that day :eek: scary !

Good to here from you all again. I been worried to about you all.

Shawley :wave:
I'm waiting for the nurse to call with a date. I hope it's before June 9th because of my daughter's wedding. W/C really never has turned anythingdown for me. I can't complain thus far. Tomorrow I travel to Pittsburgh to see a w/c Dr. to see how severe my injury is ,and if further treatments are available. Whatever that means.

Sorry I didn't tell anyone I was ok ,I really couldn't get on here. My depression is gone ! I went for a walk the other day and just smiled cause the weather was so beautiful and warm and I felt good other than the pain in my leg's and feet , I knew my depression was gone. Funny how pill's can make you feel that way. I have a stash handy just in case I have another flare up like the other week. I told my new Dr. I was done with pain pill's and was ready for the stimulator. Right now all I have been taking is
Lyrica 150MG twice a day and Cymbalta 30MG at bedtime. Sure my left leg always thumps and throbs and burns but as long as I take it easy it's not that bad, only at night trying to sleep stinks !

Good to see you all , I would never hurt myself on purpose Pepper. The Lord alway's takes care of me , so far I have been blessed.

Shawley :wave: