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Hey guy's I'm back from my IRE(imparment rating eval ) worker's comp Dr. was really cool. He ask if I was taken anything for pain and I said just Lyrica , and he said "that's all" and I said yup I quit my oxycodone and Morphine and he ask how I felt now and I told him Healtheir and he busted out laughing and congradulated me on not taking them , he said you must be in pain ,,I said Oh yea I'm in pain BUT I feel better , but worse with pain . I told him about the trial stim and he agree'd plus he ask me what I thought of the morphine pump , I told him I don't want Morphine ,he said maybe down the road when you might need it. I said maybe ?

But he told me he was going to put in his report that I will never be able to hold down any type of employment UNLESS (this is the funny part) someone get's me a desk job with a recliner and let's me get up once and a while . I told him the only relief I get is when laying down or reclining . He said I will never work again . I told him if I get enough relief from the stim I may be able to work again. He was honest and told me he doubt that I would be able to work and not to let that bring me down. He said I'm alway's gonna have problems with pain. I told the doc I don't want money from my employer I just want to be close as possible to feeling normal again. He said that he had people with the same results as mine in his office that could barley walk or sit and that ,I look healthy and fit and that I have a great attitude in dealing with all this . He don't know that it was this healthboard that helped me through all this , knowledge is a powerful thing to have. Just learning from other's from this site makes it easier. I'm happy with the visit today.

Everything is good again here. Just thought I would touch base with some of you who was interested in my visit today. The drive was long and painful , but the visit was short and sweet. It was all about me and It's about time someone stood up for me. I'm glad he understood where I was comming from. He seem's like a very smart Dr. He knew before my last surgery I wasn't fused. He told me the only sure way to know a patient is fused is open them up clean all the soft tissue from their bones and try to pry the fusion apart with their hands. OUCH !!!! Brutal ! Funny he told me this. He ask me not to tell my attorney he gave me info on the stim or other things so he didn't get introuble. He said he was only supposed to do the exam and not help me at all , but he did help me ALOT.

Life is good again . Still hurts but good. :wave: