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Hello everyone. I had a fusion (L5-S1) on 4.26.2007. My doctor said he was surprised once he opened me up. He said my back had a lot of stenosis. He said my back looked like an old persons back (I'm only 29). He said he did the fusion and also a lot of decompression. Considering the shape my back was in, I'm doing great. I came home from the hospital on Sunday. Surgical pain is so much better than the pain I had before surgery. I sleep so much during the day. I am probably only awake about 4-5 hours out of 24 hours. When I am awake I don't really know what's going on and I can't think straight. I told my hubby to make all major decisions, not to ask me because my mind is so fuzzy. I'm on a really high dose of percoct, flexeril, lyrica and ofcourse a high dose of stool softeners - where would we all be if not for stool softeners?! They are great! Luckily, I had a bowel movement the day before I was released. They didn't want to release me until I had one. My biggest problem has been peeing. They took the catheter out the day after surgery. Now, everytime I feel like I have to really pee, it seems to take several minutes to actually pee. I could read a large novel while I'm waiting. I hope that improves soon! Overall, I'm glad I chose to have surgery. The pain isn't nearly as bad as it was before surgery. I'm hoping and praying that after I recover from surgery I'll be good as new.