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Hi mehappy, like yourself I was injured at work. Recently a surgeon told me to loose 60lbs before he would even touch me, at that time I weighed 260, currently up to 270, was 280 lost 10 lbs beibg off the lyrica and prednisone. Anyways, I never heard of w/c covering that type of surgery even though you need to loose weight for your surgery. Now your insurance may cover it if it is medically necessary, which in your case it may be, but you need co-morbidities like htn, diabeties, sleep apnea, etc. But look into it and let us know what happens. Unfortunately for me I gained 40lbs since my injury in dec due to meds and inactivity and even though I hardly eat now It is hard to loose the weight. The more weight on the back the harder it is for the spine. I wish you luck, and I hope you find answers and I hope every thing works out.