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Pepper, I really appreciate your words of encouragement. I just finished crying my eyeballs out to my poor fiancee. He has really stepped up to the plate, being ther for me and all. I just get scared and wonder why would he want to marry a woman with so many problems, I think I worry too much.
Pepper, this is my 2 opinion surgeon that I am seeing for the second time, he was the one who said i needed to lose 60lbs before he would touch me, now its like 100 lbs because that lyrica and prednisone blew me up. He said if he was to do surgery it would be a adr and fusion. I am so confused, I know I am a nurse and should have better understanding, but when it comes to your own body you tend to forget alot.

You know pepper all I can do is give it to the Lord I know he will take care of it. But thank you so much for every thing. I am so emotional right now and I feel so happy to know that someone else cares. May God Bless you, you are such an angel:angel: