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Paul, I would make sure that your ortho has had a fellowship in spinal surgery. It is very important that if surgery does come up that you have the best. Generally a spinal surgeon or neurologist is who you want to see.

Have you tried physical therapy or a muscle relaxer (flexeril, robaxin, or valium are a couple examples) or nerve medication (lyrica, neurotin, elevil, cymbalta, etc)? Forgive me if I overlooked that in you response. I am a little medicated at the moment.

Do you have your mri report by chance? You might type in the summary so that we can have a better understanding in what exactly is wrong. Do you have stenosis, narrowing, degenerative discs, compression, herninations, etc?

Sciatica pain is very painful and unfortunately sometimes it takes along time before things will settle down. I have had it for 3 1/2 years.

Good luck and I pray that you find some relief soon.
Yeah , We have alot in common ..
10 months sciatic pain down the leg. Here is what i have done so far

First attempt - Chiropractor (June July) NO HELP
Second Attempt - Physical Therapy (August) NO HELP
Third Attempt - Accupuncture (September) NO HELP
Fourth Attempt - Epidural Shot & Physical Therapy (November ) 4 Weeks of 50% better. Pain returned in February
Fifth Attempt - Second Epidural - Made it worse (February 20)

Drugs taken - Celebrex, Ultram, Nuproxin, Nurotonin , Lyrica, Relefin, Flexeril. None help except for a Nuproxin (Slightly)

I hope you don't have to go through this. Sometimes it just gets better on its own but not for me. Taking a shower is AGONY,Going to work hurts. Sitting down to eat dinner hurts , walking to my car HURTS REAL BAD. Waiting in line for Dunkin Donuts is Allmost not worth it ...
My point . I know back surgery is a risk..But there comes a time to make the decision.
I would think that if your discs are bulged and not herniated that you should make sure you don't do things to further damage them, they still can get worse believe it or not. The best thing is to get yourself in the best shape you can and put off golf till your better. I know this sucks, but...its what we have to do. Walking as much as possible, core strengthening excersizes, swimming. Lifting and bending correctly.

Everyone has different expereinces with meds, you have to find what works best for you. I always like the vicodin as they don't make me tired and groggy, but other people have the opposite effects. There are also nerve meds like neurontin and lyrica but they have lots of side effects. There is also cymbalta which is for chronic pain and depression and nerve pain. People who live in chronic pain become depressed.

You have to take good care of yourself. Best of luck to you