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You guys are wonderful supportive people. Thank god for this site. :)

Jack I am going to physiatry. I have been going since September. I have been on several drugs to try to ease the pain. I have taken anti-inflammatories, Nortytpyline, Lyrica, and Percocet. The Nortryptline and Lyrica didn't do anything for the pain, although I was only on Lyrica for a week. The physiatrist said that if it didn't do anything then I should stop taking it. I know a number of you have been on it for a while and it does take some time to work in the body. So, I don't know if I should try to push the issue with him. The lyrica did mess with my head really bad. I would be in a fog and my thought and words that would come out of my mouth wouldn't match. Kinda irritating. So, now I am just on percocet. It is ok...but I have been on it for so long that the 5-325 tabs are not doing so much for me now. The physiatrist said that if I were to stop taking them I would have withdrawls and he didn't want to up my dosage. So, I am stuck now. Just gotta take it day by day and keep the faith that something positive will come up sooner or later.

So, my goal next week is to research and find another spine surgeon so I can get the ball rolling for another opinion. Anyways, I hope you guys have a painfree weekend. Thanks for your continued support and words of wisdom.

Angie :wave: