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[QUOTE=clover60;2965394]This was exactly what I had done. It does allow more flexablity then a fusion but the recovery is very similar. I was in the hospital for 5 days and had about a 10 inch incision. L5-s1 with 6 screws and rods.
You say recovery same as fusion? I assume you mean pain. The surgeon has had me off all narcotics for ten days and the only thing I am taking now to deal with the pain is lyrica 250 mg and hydrocodone. I have followed hsi directions. So do we as patients on discharge have the right to say no, I can't void so fix it before I go home or transfer me to a rehab portion of the hospital and how much weight does this request have? from a layman's standpoint.
Texas Back Institute is a business; highly recommended but the recovery portion of the Presbyertian hospita/ Texas Back Institue station is based on short term (five days) and he says I will be in 2.25 days. I will bring up my concerns on Monday the 7th in the most positive language possible,ie, if I' ready to go, ok, but if there is a complication will he, the surgeon back a longer stay or transfer to rehab hospital and if his answers are not acceptable then I must make a choice whether to proceed with the surgery.
In other words, I'm scared. I have been to four reputable surgeons in a period of a year and all but the neursurgeon said no surgery and that was because there was no pain in my legs, now there is. I've done my homeword and I need surgery.