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I woke up today with horrible leg pain. Feels just like Sciatica. Tingling down my calf and foot. Also alot of pain. Yester day I went to a Confirmation and then Communion party. I don't know if I sat too long or what. I kept moving around, standing etc. I even have a stadium seat I drag around for support. It really hurts. Oxycodone not even taking the edge off. Luckily I have an appointment with a new Physical Therapy Dr. (Physiatrist??) Can't spell or say it. I fired my other one and now she is gone. Guess it wasn't only me. So I will see the new guy tomorrow. The surgeon already ordered an MRI so I assume that will tell it all. I remember this pain. Feels just like it did in the old days when I got the herniated disc. I can't do another disc. Has anyone had a herniation after fusion surgery? If so, what do they do about it? Do I stay in pain the rest of my life or more surgery. Neither sounds like an outcome I want. Hopefully it is just inflammation. It has been bothering me a little the past month but nothing like today. The Neurologist wanted me to increase the Lyrica but it is causing swelling so I didn't. Will see what the dr. says.