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:wave: Hi all! I am Michelle and was a very active participant on the board this time last year. I had two level 360 fusion on L4-S1. I was in mild PT at 5 weeks and worked my way up to 1-2 miles of walking (somedays slower than others!) by 10 weeks. My doctor had me walking at least 1/2 a mile at two weeks. He said you have to "grease the wheels" of a body that has been thru a terrible trauma and get the muscles moving again supporting the skeltal system he just worked on. I was on some level of pain meds whether it be Lortab for back pain and Neurontin or Lyrica for nerve pain for 6 months. I slowly tapered off the Lortab when I was told it was safe to use advil again. I have some around here somewhere for back up but rarely have to take them. I still take Lyrica for nerve pain twice a day. My sciatic nerve was compressed a long time and the Doctor said it would take a least a year to heal.
My fusion is doing great-moving right along. I am one of those who doesn't come back everyday because I am doing so much better.
I work full time, just cleaned out my house to get ready for a move, did about three days of gardening and mulching(oh where is that bottle of Lortab now??:dizzy: ) getting my house ready to sell. I helped decorate a party at my daughter's school for 350 kids-I have moved on.
I clean my own house, do ,my own laundry, run my own errands,etc.....
I love that my doc made me get up and MOVE!! I believe it was what lifted me out of the pain of fog to see my life in front of me. My goal was to GET MY LIFE BACK!! I would say-one year later (on july 19th) I am better than I expected tho not 100% there. WOuld I do it agiain? You bet your barnicles I would. In a heart beat. I am better than I was!
I learned to receive help graciously-not to have to do everything myself. I learned to trust my kids to help me and they grew up a little more each day. I have a new relationship with my mom who took a month to come to my home help me get thru the first part and acheive some independence.
There are success stories-lots of them! We have just moved back into the very fast pace of living a normal life. I check in as much as I can and pray for all of you daily. I couldn't have made it without you!