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I'm not sure what is better. The only thing that has been different in my meds since my surgery has been the addition of Lyrica at week two. By that time I had already started walking, and had the deep, deep nerve pain. So my PM doc suggest starting that. Since the addition of it, I've had hardly ANY pain whatsoever. Other than that one addition, I've not had any med changes at all since pre surgery. I'm still taking ALL the meds I was taking PRE surgery, plus the addition of Lyrica. I wanted to start backing off last month, but with that upcoming trip next week, the PM doc wouldn't allow it. We will start a taper next visit.

Are you on any kind of nerve med? Do you even have any nerve pain, or is it just general over all nerve pain? I'm fortunate that my doc is the wonder doc. My first surgery was 100% effective, untill I re-injured the disc and blew the one below it cleaning up after Katrina!! :eek: I pray I have the same success with this surgery. He's trained in Germany with the ADR docs. Unfortunately, I wasn't a candidate due to multiple levels of bone spurs.

Good luck, and I hope you find your answers. For now just try to walk your
.45 miles for 3 or 4 days and see if you can build up from there. If you can't then go back to .45. You'll know when it's time to increase the milage.

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I have been on lyrica and elevil. Elevil worked but lots of side affects and I stopped. My pain is mainly foot pain, sometimes full fledge sciatica running down the right leg into the foot, and the back feels like a 2 x 4.

Shawley, I feel like I am not really showing improvement and I really want to see an improvement. Running around going places and walking increases the pain. The pain is manageable if I sit around all day and just take the meds. However, depression sets in because I am not doing anything. So I guess it is better to do more, not be depressed, and take more meds. :confused:

I know I can't be the only one going thru this tug of war??

So I guess for now I will be plugging along at my .45 miles a day and try to increase next week.
Hi Diet! I had L5 S1 fusion on january 17, I just walk 1.5 miles in the morning then I do stretching and abdominals exercises the PT suggested me.
I take dogs with me in the park, then I go out with them in the afternoon for 0.5 and again n the evening for another 0.5, Yesterday I tried to walk faster but today hurts a little so I slow down for a day or two.
The right balance between movement, rest and pills is very personal I think. anyway, I'm on lyrica 75 in the evening a muscle relaxer when I go to bed, then the pain killer when needed (I had one today but I took the last one ten days ago!), no more brace...Take care...big hug!