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Thanks to all of you!...My appt. for the Mri has been re- scheduled until tomorrow. I am at a total loss with all of this. I really know nothing about any of it. I see the nerve Dr. tomorrow too, for a nerve test?...again I have no idea what they do. I have been almost unable to get around today.. I was prescribed loratab 10 mg...lyrica and zanaflex..all of which I know nothing about..except I am so sleepy:yawn: lol. I was told by a specialist that operating on the thorasic spine was out of the question because of danger to the spinal cord. I have pain going from the top of my head through my toes. I feel like bees are stinging the thorasic spine...and now when I lay down my legs and feet fall asleep. also the pain goes around into my left side and this probably sounds strange but I can feel pain in my teeth I have to put pressure on them to try to relieve it. Has any one had any of these symptoms?..or am I losing it?:angel: