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I am going this week to my PM guy. Have gained 20 lbs on Lyrica and would like to change to Topamax. Lyrica does help. Well because it is helping I doubt he will want to change it. I figure I am probably always going to have to be on this stuff so why not give it a try. We'll see. Don't think he really listens. Of course he sits there nodding his head and makes the appropriate facial gestures...lol The only time he moved fast and was very attentive is when I called him on a mistake and he had to do a re read of my mri. I like the guy and he is an "expert" so I don't want to sell him short.

I got myself a rollator (walker) and it does help when I have to go into any mall or big box store. There usually isn't a seat in sight and I cannot tolerate walking or standing for very long at least now I have a seat to sit down on. On the downside I probably will herniate another disc pulling the thing in and out of the car. I never dreamt 2 1/2 years ago that a bad back attack would leave me this way. My one leg is painful when I put weight on it so a cane is vital for me to walk at all. It really does take a while for it to sink in that this is a permanent condition and I have to accept it. In the beginning I always thought I would get better but now I have pretty much accepted that this is the way it is. What ya gonna do?