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it's been a little over a yr since i've posted in here , i think, i may have popped in sometime in the middle. I had surgery in oct and nov of 06. Two discectomies, the first one did'nt work so he did it again the next month. Hell on earth and nothing short of were those two months. I didn't think id recover b/c of the numbness and debilitating pain i felt after surgery, but then a few months later i started to feel better and better and it was virtually gone, i was a happy person.

As of today it has come roaring back and someone hit me on my bike on april 25th of this year...it was her fault... i went to ER and got scans of my l4-5 s1 and c's area and was todl my disc was out and portruding into teh nerve again, and i had new trouble in my upper back C area. I now feel pain in both areas and had it before the accident but now it is worse and beleive it is due to it. My neck kills and the dics has re-ruptured into my spine again . The thing that scares me is that i can feel the same pain in my ankles and legs that i felt before i couldnt walk and needed surgery.

I went to the neuro, his assistant was all who i coudl see at that time and he said he didnt reccomend any more surgery, even though my past surgeon in south fl ( ive now moved to jacksonville, fl) said that he highly reccomended a fusion. Me and my mother re still in debt from the other two as i had no insurance and billers harrass me 24/7 because of it. They want 1000 dollars for a back brace i used twice so i said take it back lol its in new condition, take it. Anyway, i also have new pain in my neck...i am basically struggling with pain all over my body at this poiint and now since teh accident , my hands too. I take hydrocodone when i really need to and muscle relaxers , flexeral and something else the neuro prescribed, it helps a little, but im still in pain. The stronger pills only make me feel out of it and dumb, i wont take them ( lyrica for example)

So, my question to all of you is: Being a 28 yr old female , should i do the fusion, i feel ike i have an advantage of coming out better being that im younger than the usual patient who gets it and i heal faster. I do not have the option to ADR since it is two levels so my doctors says.

I went to the physical therapist and he said he felt alot of inflamation in my lower back i dont even think he will manipulate or touch me there aside from applying warmth and i think its a tens unit, which basically did nothing for the pain. It felt good while it was on though. I feel like im almost crippled the way i live in this much pain and its not just my back anymore. It is hard to prove the accident made me worse when my disc had already started protruding out again before the accident.

I thought this problem was gone, its hard having this kind of pain, it kills your spirit and it ages you dealing with the stress from it.

I heard about a pain pump being implanted into people that emits numbing waves into the spine to relieve you of all pain. A famous comedian has it so if i can ever afford it or if insurance will pay for it, it is the first thing on my list. i honestly don't care if it covers up the problem. I dont want to be in pain anymore. I'm 28 and want to live life to it fullest before i cant and the future doesnt look bright right now.