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Pepper ,
I believe we have the same system here that your getting , I took my Lyrica right before bed so it helped me sleep with the pain. Before I get the permenant stim I'm going to ask for another MRI , just to make sure that bulge didn't get worse or something else going bad because they can't do an MRI after this procedure.

Well I spoke to my youngest sister last night and she said my sister is doing ok ? She has been acting a little weird but ok , she ate , my other sister took her out in a wheelchair for a breath of fresh air , she bathed her fixed her hair. I need to go see her today , Gas is so expensive ,it cost me $15.00 a trip to go see her and I been over there about 6 times so far. Wish I could ride my ATV that far .:dizzy:

Hope your day is great . It's cold and damp here .